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Academic Affairs

Training Programs

AACDC provides development opportunities for staff in the division several times a year. These are updated as they are offered. In addition, Academic Affairs employees are encouraged to apply for Mini-Grants that could be used to support other training options related to diversity and inclusion.

  • Mediation Training

    March 30 - April 06, 2020 (Currently full.)

    Intermediate level training – supervisors preferred

    While this week-long training certifies participants to serve as mediators in Texas, the purpose is to prepare Academic Affairs staff to mediate conflict that occurs in their everyday work, and which would be applicable to their personal lives as well. Case studies have been designed for situations that have actually occurred in Academic Affairs with the intent that participants will learn how to manage these situations using mediation techniques learned in the class so that conflict can be resolved within an office before it becomes necessary to move to a formal mediation setting.

    The next mediation training will be offered in Spring 2020. Seating is limited to 20 people; all expenses are paid for by AACDC.

  • Ouch That Hurts

    9AM - 12PM, February 25, 2020 (Currently full.)

    Beginner level training

    This program, presented by Texas A&M University professional trainers from Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, focuses on creating a climate where others feel valued and respected. It provides information about everyone’s role in maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Participants will have the opportunity to identify and discuss behaviors that might unknowingly contribute to a disrespectful or hostile environment and identify ways to be proactive in creating a respectful work environment.